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FLAC: The Revolution live in Dallas 2017 - 1CD - June 14

The Revolution
A Kingdom Without Its Prince...
First Show Of Second Leg of 2017 Prince Memorial Tour
June 14, 2017
House Of Blues
Dallas, Texas

Lineage: Church Audio CA-11 Cardioid Mics - > Church Audio Ugly 2 Preamp (Gain setting +15db) -> Sony PCM-M10 -> REC LEVEL 8.0/7.0(last 40 minutes) -> 24/96 WAV -> Mastered by rockphantom using Izotope RX4 & Ozone 5 -> Audacity 2.1.3 (tracking/fades/dithering) -> Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0 (FLAC level 8 lossless compression & verification) -> YOU

Excellent Audience recording!
Lively audience on this master!
The House Of Blues has a stellar room sound.

NOTICE: If any of the established unauthorized PRINCE recording reissue groups (4DaFunk/Free Boot Generation/Love or $/Fullasoul) would like to remaster this recording from the original 24/96 raw master, please be in touch.

During the summer of 1984, The Purple Rain soundtrack was the FIRST rock album my mom ever bought for me, at the tender age of six.
While there was no way my parents would have taken me to see Prince's R-rated film debut, my mother did give in and purchase the Purple Rain soundtrack cassette for me,
once I became hooked on "Let's Go Crazy" after hearing it on B-104 KBFM. From that point forward, my mom herself, became a big Prince supporter.
Prince has been one of my favorite artists since the summer of 1984, and also one of the legends that I never had the opportunity to see live.
As an atheist as well as a serious music fan, I view Prince in the same way that Christians view Jesus Christ. During his brief time on Earth, his Royal Badness was truly a god among mortals.
Prince's supernatural musical abilities will never be equaled....

When it was announced that The Revolution would be kicking off the second leg of their Prince memorial/reunion tour in Dallas, Texas, I made plans to attend.
I was positioned in the seats directly above the last row of the center section of the balcony. I had been sick (serious head cold) all week and preferred to sit down while taping.
I simply didn't have the energy to stand in the general admission section all night. I had to stand on occasion to see over the crowd in front of me, so you may hear phasing from time to time.
I foolishly made the mistake of reducing the REC level from 8 to 7 at the end of Mutiny, when I noticed brief moments of overloading on the left channel.
While I should have left the REC level alone, I did use remastering tricks in an attempt to mask the shift in volume.
I had to apply extreme clip gain to "Sometimes It Snows In April". This completely acoustic performance was barely audible on the raw master recording.

While it was an honor to experience The Revolution live during their brief reunion tour,
I must state seeing the band without its iconic leader PRINCE, was like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...
WITHOUT the jelly!

Do not get me wrong, the band was out to impress and didn't hold back....
However, there was simply no way the music would ever be the same without the single greatest musician
in HUMAN HISTORY, fronting the band! How could it possibly ever have been?!?

Being that this was the first night of the second leg of the tour, there were technical difficulties throughout the show.
Brown Mark also referred to Dallas as Austin, SEVERAL times during the concert, which was insulting!
The boisterous audience made sure to correct him. Earth to Brown Mark, The Revolution was in DALLAS on June 14, 2017!!

The Revolution concert was a celebration of Prince's life as well as a time to dance and get funky.
However, being both sick and interested in taping the show, really reduced the amount of fun I could have had.
Make sure to catch Prince's original and BEST band, The Revolution, while you can!
Life is just a party, and parties weren't meant 2 last...


techtuts: Ozone 5 template

The Revolution:

PRINCE: Artistic Visionary/Spiritual Guidance

Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar: Brown Mark
Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar: Wendy Melvoin
Lead Vocals/Keyboards: Lisa Coleman
Drums: Bobby Z.
Keyboards: Dr. Matt Fink

Special Guest Lead Vocalist on select tracks: Stokely Williams of Mint Condition

[01] Intro (0:25)
[02] Computer Blue (4:29)
[03] America (3:59)
[04] Wendy speaks (0:07)
[05] Mountains (3:51)
[06] Automatic (3:25)
[07] Take Me With U (2:48)
[08] Uptown (2:44)
[09] D.M.S.R. (4:27)
[10] Our Destiny (1:28)
[11] Roadhouse Garden (1:56)
[12] Raspberry Beret (3:21)
[13] Erotic City (3:41)
[14] Let's Work (5:17)
[15] 1999 (5:14)
[16] Wendy speaks (1:17)
[17] Paisley Park (2:20)
[18] Controversy (3:26)
[19] Mutiny (jam) (4:19)
[20] Controversy (reprise) (0:34)
[21] Austin in the house (0:47)
[22] Sometimes It Snows In April (7:28)
[23] Let's Go Crazy (4:22)
[24] Delirious (2:13)
[25] Kiss (5:06)
[26] When Doves Cry (6:16)
[27] Brown Mark speaks (0:43)
[28] Purple Rain (9:05)
[29] I Would Die 4 U (2:20)
[30] Baby I'm A Star (4:21)
[31] Outro (1:55)

Running Time: 104 minutes

Download this bootleg here

FLAC: Prince "Blast From The Past volume 5" - 4CD

Blast From The Past 5.0
Demos, Outtakes, and Other Rare Studio Material 1987-2016
Eye Records
Type: 4 CD
Release Year: 2017
Play Length: 5 Hours 107minutes
Date: 1987 – 2016
Source: Soundboard Recordings
Quality: EX- / EX+
Lineage: Silver bootleg CD > EAC > WAV > Flac Frontend > FLAC

Track Listing:

DISC ONE (1987) 78:47
01. Come Home 5:56 (1987)
While specific recording dates are not known, initial tracking for Prince’s original version took place in January 1987, at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio, Chanhassen, MN, USA (during the same set of sessions as La, La, La, He, He, Hee).
02. I Need A Man (instr.) 5:32 (1987)
03. If I Love U 2 Nite 3:11 (1987)
04. The Sex Of It 3:53 (1987)
05. U 4:15 (1987)
Ingrid Chavez album outtakes: ’May 19, 1992’ (tracks 06 to 19)
The album contained five tracks with musical and production input by Prince (as Paisley Park): Heaven Must Be Near, Elephant Box, Slappy Dappy, Jadestone and Whispering Dandelions (the lyrics of each track were written by Ingrid Chavez). Prince also appeared playing guitar and keyboard on the track Candle Dance. Ingrid Chavez’s vocals were largely pulled from poetry reading sessions she did with Prince in December 1987 at Paisley Park Studios, shortly after canceling the release of “The Black Album ».
06. Heaven Must Be Near 4:25
07. Crystal City Cry 2:05
08. Crystal City Cry (long) 3:56
09. Wintersong 1:42
10. Whispering Dandelions 1:58
11. Slappy Dappy 3:28
12. Candle Dance 1:32
13. Elephant Box 1:37
14. Touch Of Love 3:50
15. Blue Boy 2:33
16. Jadestone 0:46
17. Sad Puppet Dance 4:20
18. Standing In The Rain 2:29
19. Cross The Line 5:40
20. The Line #1 7:24 (1987)
21. Positivity 7:34 (1987)

DISC TWO (1987-1989) 79:08
01. The Line #2 8:50 (1987)
02. 9-5 People 5:06 (1988) 9-5 People is an unreleased track recorded at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA, presumably somewhere in 1988.
03. By Alien Means 4:44 (1988) By Alien Means is an unreleased track recorded at some point in 1988 at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA. Prince submitted the track to Madonna for inclusion on her fourth album Like A Prayer (which featured Prince on other tracks), but she turned it down, and it is unlikely that she ever recorded vocals for the track.
04. If I Had A Harem 2:13 (1988)
05. Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 5:16 (1988)
06. Pink Cashmere 6:06 (1988)
07. Electric Chair (instr.) 4:05 (1988)
08. God Is Alive 6:23 (1988)
09. We Got The Power 3:30 (1988)
10. Soul Company #1 (Sheila E.) 4:30 (1988)
11. Soul Company #2 (Sheila E.; instr.) 2:34 (1988)
12. Girl Power (instr.) 6:32 (1988)
13. Vicki Waiting 7:14 (1989)
14. Flesh And Blood 5:27 (1989)
15. Boom, Boom (Can’t U Feel The Beat Of My Heart) (Jill Jones) 2:30 (1989)
16. Me Touch Myself 3:35 (1989)

DISC THREE (1989-1995) 79:32
01. Funky (instr.) 6:56 (1989)
02. Pain #1 (Prince) 3:21 (1990)
03. Pain #2 (Rosie Gaines) 5:32 (1990)
04. Work That Fat 4:29 (1991)
05. Glam Slam ’91 5:19 (1991)
06. Boom Box (instr.) 1:38 (1991)
07. Cream (Creamstrumental) 7:07 (1991)
08. She Spoke 2 Me (Girl 6 Explicit Version) 8:20 (1991)
09. The P #1 (Prince) 3:18 (1992)
10. The P #2 (Tevin Campbell) 3:46 (1992)
11. Paris 17984302 (Tevin Campbell) 3:30 (1992)
12. Down (Tevin Campbell) 3:27 (1992)
13. Come (Straight Remix) 11:19 (1994)
14. Get Wild 5:56 (1994)
15. Van Gogh 5:02 (1995)

DISC FOUR (1995-2016) 79:31
01. Dinner With Delores 2:48 (1995)
02. So Dark (Full Length Remix) 7:08 (1995)
03. 18 & Over 6:39 (1995)
04. S.S.T. (instr.) 2:36 (2005)
Deliverance EP: (tracks 05 to 10)
Deliverance is an unreleased track recorded in 2006, at Paisley Park Studios. In late 2006 or early 2007, it was included as the 12th track on an early configuration of the Lotusflower album. Deliverance was also then tentatively placed on an early configuration of Planet Earth in May 2007. In 2017, timed with the first anniversary of Prince’s death, engineer Ian Boxill attempted to make an EP available titled Deliverance, including Deliverance, I Am, Touch Me, Sunrise Sunset, No One Else, and I Am (Extended). This would have featured the original songs, overdubbed and mixed by Boxill. Prince’s estate filed and won a lawsuit to halt this release and for the original masters to be returned to the estate. Therefore the EP Deliverance is considered an unofficial bootleg release, with the versions of the songs on it unofficial remixes. As such, the songs are considered unreleased, despite their short availability on mainstream music sites.
05. Deliverance 3:45
06. I Am 2:25
07. Touch Me 1:49
08. Sunrise Sunset 1:13
09. No One Else 2:53
10. I Am (Extended) 3:50
11. F.U.N.K. – Shelby J. intro 0:29 (2007)
12. F.U.N.K. 7:34 (2007)
13. Live Out Loud 3:34 (2013)
14. Xtraloveable (Remix) 4:09 (2013)
15. BOOMSTRATUS 4:32 (2013)
16. PRETZELBODYLOGIC (Reloaded) 2:47 (2015)
17. If Eye Could Get Ur Attention (Prince) 2:41 (2015)
18. Indifference 3:07 (2015)
19. Free Urself 3:43 (2015)
20. Ruff Enuff (Mono Neon; vocal) 5:38 (2016)
21. Ruff Enuff (Mono Neon; instr.) 5:39 (2016)


1-01 - Come Home.flac:2a6fe267158c37925193aff161ac0fa6
1-02 - I Need A Man.flac:b8161569a3f98ba0d7f484e8a1a0440c
1-03 - If I Love U 2 Nite.flac:fb25efef877ff52f979aa9ad84790e1a
1-04 - The Sex Of It.flac:82116f4b8bc88253a362c2e3768ade7d
1-05 - U.flac:d7881997b8272f751d1b24bbbf68465f
1-06 - Heaven Must Be Near.flac:fee8b4667557f51a8f7c1de5b4f4585e
1-07 - Crystal City Cry.flac:03b78ba450c140339637b037d7e8d506
1-08 - Crystal City Cry (long).flac:0710e9cc8f0542466ff05e698681a28d
1-09 - Wintersong.flac:23b7a70796d5b2871e46ea767f649b8f
1-10 - Whispering Dandelions.flac:1dba2ba9e6ca20f0ac9dddec58764df6
1-11 - Slappy Dappy.flac:c11556b962edbe23edd44a3deda3ef88
1-12 - Candle Dance.flac:6b622096afccd7b477a5c86eb543098f
1-13 - Elephant Box.flac:b281c031a1492c153368b748ed90e578
1-14 - Touch Of Love.flac:8cb53f2c3e9202787547de65e59cc5fa
1-15 - Blue Boy.flac:4f2039ea2ce1ed6c50847fee1b06ade1
1-16 - Jadestone.flac:f7ac3003471ab4e1a2ce99942b87c2fb
1-17 - Sad Puppet Dance.flac:01cd4f4312ead63569e365f0d9713224
1-18 - Standing In The Rain.flac:4777a3d3df81389f31f28f93ed110c71
1-19 - Cross The Line.flac:ddb45ad9e2e3d3d6f7a81c0f098278c0
1-20 - The Line #1.flac:ad6c828b3ea5307de394cae4c33451a3
1-21 - Positivity.flac:9841fdbedfbe1b91c9c14a65b40b2765
2-01 - The Line #2.flac:8bb43abb747d0f267eac5181c29f0928
2-02 - 9-5 People.flac:f1e1fbfa142c2c1422a1fec9fee5813c
2-03 - By Alien Means.flac:2e834f7d94c88958189bdb35e52e4768
2-04 - If I Had A Harem.flac:f6fa84816eb3a1baf3f47b2f552de3a7
2-05 - Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic.flac:015f31178daa04cfd262710b8fa5d8a0
2-06 - Pink Cashmere.flac:3134006c8276a332b361802aeb53ca61
2-07 - Electric Chair (instr.).flac:b0530f7f25c747b618c39efc3750b6e6
2-08 - God Is Alive.flac:3a3a8aaad6c0cb246fdaffe9b00615db
2-09 - We Got The Power.flac:5af8b9c0fd589326cf65f46eb7187038
2-10 - Soul Company #1.flac:efe378e6446cd32327c0882e5694a533
2-11 - Soul Company #2 (instr.).flac:816aa56cc673a0cb1334f14727a894a9
2-12 - Girl Power.flac:567afc6a0f7d96ee58a587e72ce53251
2-13 - Vicki Waiting.flac:e8739b6d8b94f5f0ba1f7b49f338facc
2-14 - Flesh And Blood.flac:234494888da81892b7b45410f8d2584c
2-15 - Boom, Boom (Can't U Feel The Beat Of My Heart).flac:e3fea2b227f191eba4bbe72efeb965ab
2-16 - Me Touch Myself.flac:4347fb3dcede9a3ea97d9747a2464911
3-01 - Funky.flac:04e9046ac9dea1cef6a0b86437ead9d5
3-02 - Pain #1 (Prince).flac:33be0b87ee0c143a8548fe98008db37a
3-03 - Pain #2 (Rosie Gaines).flac:d02701098928483ac8f0908046981efe
3-04 - Work That Fat.flac:d61fbba4200f3f8b5c2f4eb99d56ba15
3-05 - Glam Slam '91.flac:547be2bdb66ed1924593cafb67272ca6
3-06 - Boom Box.flac:7f96a0238a977b4af0014ea7bf38b538
3-07 - Cream (Creamstrumental).flac:108583f7723573c4024f223772a1553e
3-08 - She Spoke 2 Me (Girl 6 Explicit Version).flac:55f6ecedb66cb290eacc5a2691f7cc84
3-09 - The P #1 (Prince).flac:e3df79cf0dd82c453bbac59edc002cd1
3-10 - The P #2 (Tevin Campbell).flac:bf2d3854f8c3a3bd341a5938545dcde3
3-11 - Paris 17984302.flac:cf78ec2f8669f38ab650adc217a29627
3-12 - Down.flac:4ba0455b19deabf4ccc8c76d11b41a04
3-13 - Come (Straight Remix).flac:f2f9a30d73cf7c21f2108cc417fcd2d8
3-14 - Get Wild.flac:accaff353977475a95ba5d04427b0a10
3-15 - Van Gogh.flac:447f7c59722963224a3cadbfb211f19c
4-01 - Dinner With Delores.flac:0089f3ce4cfe35106f34bf4a9ad78512
4-02 - So Dark (Full Length Remix).flac:b2ec8bb6dfb81af54bd7ca1c3a441437
4-03 - 18 & Over.flac:30d375388efd0310af9bbda44764b719
4-04 - S.S.T. (instr.).flac:f6fc65f5a2427cb332f26b5d1e781e24
4-05 - Deliverance.flac:4db38ba7d3cabddcc21d9c7b7053492d
4-06 - I Am.flac:ec08b0e77dc76b77f6b9bda63455da2e
4-07 - Touch Me.flac:db54ad99b09dc3b36f21053790d44cc8
4-08 - Sunrise Sunset.flac:137238f578d8974446737a0299994268
4-09 - No One Else.flac:02b7c72c99bfcea2a0f7bd77f8089e47
4-10 - I Am (Extended).flac:d4f98b5b5d911508f57ddf89c2a2eff9
4-11 - F.U.N.K. - Shelby J. intro.flac:45e4ff6025c3a8a1a73c9f5b604339e8
4-12 - F.U.N.K..flac:2fc572460da9a7c5ecfdd1068d8b36d1
4-13 - Live Out Loud.flac:a423a20c5ce838b9d19e75fcfc67eafb
4-14 - Xtraloveable (Remix).flac:0e999381688a82e8aef2a4f34000361b
4-15 - BOOMSTRATUS.flac:4e842e4dff55faa72d1c1a5f3c0dd63b
4-16 - PRETZELBODYLOGIC (Reloaded).flac:f94a99a904cc332d27fe50c8481e0cd6
4-17 - If Eye Could Get Ur Attention (Prince).flac:d689b1bfab296b7ae3c63204d365915c
4-18 - Indifference.flac:aedcda220faaa86f663487300c807234
4-19 - Free Urself.flac:e1beface9fe0d01c2980ead2465683c9
4-20 - Ruff Enuff (vocal).flac:009e65323d779dd3763195d4b3c04d17
4-21 - Ruff Enuff (instr.).flac:0fa1e2bc060698da2391dbad83406908

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

FLAC: Prince "Blast From The Past volume 4" - 4CD

Blast From The Past 4.0
Demos, Outtakes, and Other Rare Studio Material 1976-1987
Eye Records
Type: 4 CD
Release Year: 2017
Play Length: 5 Hours 10 minutes
Date: 1976 – 1987
Source: Soundboard Recordings
Quality: EX- / EX+
Lineage: Silver bootleg CD > EAC > WAV > Flac Frontend > FLAC

Track Listing:

DISC ONE (1976-1983) 78:56
01. Soft And Wet #1 3’17 (1976)
The track was one of the earliest professional recordings by Prince, and recordings were made in Summer 1976 at Moonsound, Minneapolis, MN, USA.
02. Soft And Wet #2 3’01 (1976)
In late 1976 – early 1977, the track was re-recorded at Sound 80, Minneapolis, MN, USA.
03. Miss You 4’16 (1978-79)
Unreleased track recorded as a home recording in the second half of 1978 at Prince’s France Avenue Home Studio, Edina, MN, USA.
The song contains only acoustic guitar and vocals by Prince.
04. Rough 5’40 (1980)
Unreleased song originally recorded in May – June 1980 at Prince’s Wayzata Home Studio, Wayzata, MN, USA during recording sessions for the Dirty Mind album.
05. Feel U Up 6’35 (1981)
Initially recorded in sequence following Irresistible Bitch in late 1981 at Prince’s Kiowa Trail Home Studio, Chanhassen, MN, USA.
06. Broken 2’59 (1981)
Unreleased song recorded in early 1981, at Prince’s Kiowa Trail Home Studio.
07. Strange Way (Of Saying I Love You) 2’00 (1981)
Unreleased song recorded at some point in 1981 at Prince’s Kiowa Trail Home Studio.
08. Do Yourself A Favor (a.k.a. If You See Me) 9’18 (1982)
Prince recorded an entirely new version of the track at his Kiowa Trail Home Studio, titled Do Yourself A Favor.
According to PepĂ© Willie, Prince recorded it from memory and had not heard it for years.
09. Turn It Up 5’10 (1982)
Unreleased song recorded on 20 January 1982 at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA.
10. Moonbeam Levels 4’04 (1982)
Song recorded on 6 July 1982, at Sunset Sound.
It was released as the only previously-unreleased track on the first posthumous compilation of Prince’s music, Prince 4ever.
11. Jungle Love (Jesse Johnson’s instr. demo) 4’20 (1983)
Original 1983 recording before Jesse Johnson’s 1984 lead guitar overdubs. He used Prince’s Hohner Tele to play the rhythm guitar part.
12. Wet Dream Cousin (instr.) 4’55 (1983)
Unreleased instrumental recorded by Prince and Bobby Z. at some point in 1983 at Prince’s Kiowa Trail Home Studio.
It was intended for Vanity 6’s planned second album.
13. Wonderful Ass 6’16 (1983)
Track recorded in early 1983 at Prince’s Kiowa Trail Home Studio.
The track is a pop-funk track with synth lead lines, a drum machine beat and rhythm guitar.
The track’s lyrics were supposedly inspired by Vanity. It is unknown if Wonderful Ass was intended for any project at the time of recording.
14. Velvet Kitty Cat 2’43 (1983)
Unreleased track recorded on 19 April 1983 at Sunset Sound.
In 2017 Velvet Kitty Cat was released as the eighth track on the From The Vault & Previously Unreleased disc of a Deluxe release of Purple Rain.
15. My Love Belongs To You (instr.) 7’01 (1983)
Unreleased track recorded on 20 April 1983 at Sunset Sound.
The track was recorded for possible use on The Time’s third album Ice Cream Castle, but the song was not included on the release.
16. Sex Shooter (Vanity 6) 5’05 (1983)
Initial tracking took place in November 1983 at Prince’s Kiowa Trail Home Studio,
with lead vocals by Vanity, and the track was originally planned for a second album by Vanity 6.
When Vanity left the group and decided not to participate in the Purple Rain movie, Prince instead began the group Apollonia 6.
New lead vocals were recorded and Prince worked on the track further.
17. Wednesday 1’39 (1983)
Unreleased track recorded on 24 October 1983 at Prince’s Kiowa Trail Home Studio.
It was intended to be sung by Jill Jones in the movie Purple Rain.

DISC TWO (1983-1985) 78’03
01. The Glamorous Life 8’07 (1983)
Initial tracking took place on 27 December 1983 at Sunset Sound, and the song was originally intended for Apollonia 6 until Prince began to work with Sheila E. in February 1984, at which time he set the song aside for her.
02. She’s Always In My Hair 6’27 (1983)
Initial tracking took place on 30 December 1983 at Sunset Sound.
Although credited to Prince and the Revolution, the track is a solo performance by Prince.
03. Ice Cream Castles (instr.) 7’01 (1984)
Initial tracking took place on 13 January 1984 at Sunset Sound.
Jesse Johnson stated, “Morris & I recorded a song name “Old & Ingnorant” in Mpls. The next day Morris & I fly out to meet Prince In LA, at Sunset Sound.
He dug it and the track was rerecorded, rewritten, and became “Ice Cream Castles”. Prince kept telling me: “It’s so cool how you played the bass on the AND
instead of the 1″. Great compliment even though at that time I didn’t know what he was talking about. Yeah of course I do now!”
04. Paisley Park (instr.; different song) 4’10 (1984)
Unreleased instrumental song recorded on 9 March 1984 at Sunset Sound. Apart from its title the song has no relation with the song Paisley Park.
It features drums, bass and a keyboard pattern from the Yamaha DX-7 synth.
05. When Doves Cry 9’11 (1984)
Rehearsal from 1984.
06. Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar 3’45 (1984)
Sheila E.’s vocals were recorded in the first few days of April 1984 at Sunset Sound. Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar is notable for featuring the first use of violin (by Novi Novog) and accordion (by Nick DeCaro) on a Prince-related track.
07. The Dance Electric 6’28 (1984)
Initial tracking for Prince’s initial version took place on 17 August 1984. Prince reportedly gave the song to AndrĂ© Cymone after Cymone’s mother asked Prince for a song.
In 2017 Prince’s own version was released as the first track on the From The Vault & Previously Unreleased disc of a Deluxe release of Purple Rain.
08. The Screams Of Passion 5’32 (1984)
Initial tracking took place on 19 August 1984 at the Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse in Eden Prairie. Prince’s original studio version, missing strings.
09. Around The World In A Day 5’06 (1984)
The track was first written and recorded by David Coleman (Lisa Coleman’s brother) in June 1984, when given two days of studio time at Sunset Sound as a birthday gift from Prince. When Prince heard the resulting track, he loved it and wanted to include it on his next album. He re-recorded the track and made some musical and lyrical changes. Basic tracks for Prince’s version were recorded on 16 September 1984 at Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse.
10. Our Destiny (Jill Jones) 3’11 (1984)
Unreleased track, initially recorded during Prince and the Revolution’s concert on 7 June 1984 at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN, USA, during the same show where the basic tracks for Roadhouse Garden and All Day, All Night were also recorded. Sessions with horn players and strings were organized and both Lisa Coleman and Jill Jones added a lead vocal to the track, replacing Prince’s vocals. Prince was not present for these sessions. This is the studio version with Jill Jones vocal and horn & string overdubs.
11. Roadhouse Garden 3’31 (1984)
Although tracked separately in the studio, the track seems to have purposively conjoined with Our Destiny. This is the case for the live version and the two songs (using the same four-on-the-floor bass drumbeat) were also mixed together segueing into one another in the studio rendition. Roadhouse Garden is not known to have been considered for inclusion on Prince’s next album, Around The World In A Day.
12. Mutiny 3’58 (1984)
Prince’s original studio version, using an alternate mix from the final release. While specific recording dates are not known, initial tracking took place in late June 1984 at the Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse.
13. Dear Michaelangelo 5’00 (1985)
Solo version by Prince, before studio overdubs with Sheila E. bandmembers. Initial tracking took place in January 1985 at Master Sound, Atlanta, GA, USA.
14. Toy Box (instr.) 6’17 (1985)
Early instrumental version. Initial tracking took place in January 1985 at Master Sound, Atlanta.

DISC THREE (1985-1986) 78’08
01. Come Elektra Tuesday 4’23 (1985)
Unreleased song recorded on 26 May 1985 at Sunset Sound. The song features Jill Jones on background vocals.
It is unknown if this song was intended for any project at the time.
02. Others Here With Us 2’45 (1985)
Unreleased track recorded on 20 April 1985 at Sunset Sound.
The song’s backing is largely built up from samples from the Fairlight CMI sample-synthesizer.
It was included as the fifth track on a 1 May 1985 configuration of Parade, but was removed before the album’s release.
03. Living Doll (Jill Jones) 3’08 (1985)
Unreleased song recorded on 2 June 1985 at Sunset Sound.
The song was intended for Jill Jones’ album Jill Jones, but ultimately not included.
04. Empty Room 3’23 (1985)
Initial tracking took place on 4 August 1985 at the Washington Avenue Warehouse, Eden Prairie, MN, USA.
It was recorded with the Revolution, following an argument with Susannah Melvoin.
05. My Baby Knows (Jill Jones) 4’07 (1985)
In Summer, 1985, Prince worked on the track further with Jill Jones, who added lead vocal overdubs at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA.
Soon after, Prince sent the song to Clare Fischer to add orchestration, which was added in August 1985, at Monterey Sound Studios, Glendale, CA, USA,
but the song was ultimately not included on Jill Jones’ album Jill Jones.
06. Killin’ At The Soda Shop (Jill Jones) 2’40 (1985)
Unreleased song recorded on 29 May 1985 at Sunset Sound. Clare Fischer arranged and recorded orchestration for the song in August 1985,
at Monterey Sound Studios, but the song was ultimately not included on Jill Jones’ album Jill Jones.
07. Eternity 3’53 (1985)
While specific recording dates are not known, initial tracking took place in December 1985, at Sunset Sound.
Prince first offered the track to George Clinton for a project he was producing for Vanessa Williams, but the song was not used.
Sheena Easton’s vocals were recorded later, although details of her recording are not known.
08. Mia Bocca (Jill Jones) 5’29 (1986)
Prince mixed the song on 30 January 1986 at Sunset Sound. While David Z. and Jill Jones are listed as producers of the song,
the only musicians known to have contributed to the track beyond Prince and Jill Jones are Clare Fischer’s orchestra, hired by Prince.
09. If I Could Get Your Attention (Jill Jones) 2’06 (1986)
Jill Jones version, recorded in May/June 1986. The track was written by Prince, although credited to Taja Sevelle,
who wrote additional lyrics, and was produced by Prince.
10. Power Fantastic 6’15 (1986)
Includes instrumental intro removed for inclusion on The Hits / The B-Sides. The track was recorded live on 19 March 1986 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio in Chanhassen, MN, USA, during initial sessions for the Dream Factory album.
11. Crystal Ball 11’21 (1986)
Initial tracking took place on 17 April 1986 at Galpin Blvd Home Studio.
Original full length version without Clare Fischer orchestra, as placed on the 3 June 1986 configuration of Dream Factory.
12. Witness 4 The Prosecution 3’55 (1986)
Unreleased track initially recorded on 27 March 1986 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio.
Prince re-recorded the track completely on 6 October 1986 (the day after Rescue Me and the day before disbanding the Revolution and recording Telepathy) at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA. It is not known if this re-recording was intended for any specific project.
13. Movie Star 4’21 (1986)
Initial tracking took place on 27 March 1986 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio.
Original version with additional lyrics, included on 3 June 1986 configuration of Dream Factory, segueing into A Place In Heaven.
14. A Place In Heaven 2’43 (1986)
Unreleased track recorded on 27 March 1986 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio.
Lisa Coleman’s vocal version of the track was included as the tenth track on a late April 1986 configuration of the Dream Factory album.
Prince surprisingly performed a two and a half minute rendition of it at the first show of the Piano & A Microphone Tour in Melbourne Australia, seemingly in connection with the passing of Denise Matthews a.k.a. Vanity the day before.
15. Girl O’ My Dreams 1’35 (1986)
The track was re-recorded on 18 June 1986 at the Washington Avenue Warehouse.
The track was given to T.C. Ellis, who had appeared in the Graffiti Bridge movie, when he and Levi Seacer, Jr.
were working on his album True Confessions in 1990-1, and the track was re-recorded without Prince’s input for use on the album.
16. Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got 2’08 (1986)
The track was re-recorded on 17 June 1986 at the Washington Avenue Warehouse.
17. We Can Funk 5’34 (1986)
This is the ‘Finished’ 1986 version. Prince toned down the title and lyrics of the song, and re-recorded the track on 17 June 1986 at the Washington Avenue Warehouse. The original version titled We Can Fuck was released (as We Can F**k) as the tenth track on the From The Vault & Previously Unreleased disc of the Purple Rain Deluxe album in June 2017.
18. Data Bank 7’51 (1986)
Initial tracking took place on 17 June 1986 at the Washington Avenue Warehouse.
The track was re-recorded with Morris Day on lead vocals in Summer 1989, at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA, when Prince and Morris Day worked on the projected fourth album by The Time, Corporate World, which later morphed into Pandemonium.

DISC FOUR (1986-1987) 76’40
01. Love And Sex (Sheila E.) 4’16 (1986)
Unreleased track recorded on 25 March 1986 at Sunset Sound.
The song was intended for Sheila E.’s third album Sheila E., but was not included on the final release.
02. Yah, U Know 5’37 (1986)
This track has been worked on for possible inclusion on Dream Factory, but it was not included on any known configurations of the album.
Eric Leeds recorded saxophone overdubs on 4 June 1986 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio.
03. In A Large Room With No Light (a.k.a. Life Is Like Looking For A Penny In A Large Room With No Light) 3’15 (1986)
Initial tracking for the original version were recorded on 4 May 1986 at Sunset Sound,
and was recorded with members of the Revolution and Sheila E.’s band. The track’s first live performance took place on 29 March 2009, am, almost 23 years after its initial recording.
04. Baby Go-Go 4’40 (1986)
Prince’s own version, recorded on 12 June 1986 at Sunset Sound.
Nona Hendryx re-recorded the track with her own musicians in early 1987, with both Mavis Staples and George Clinton adding background vocals.
05. Eggplant 5’18 (1986)
Unreleased duet song between Wendy and Prince, recorded on 8 July 1986 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio. Inspiration for this song came from Susannah and Wendy Melvoin, as Prince overheard their conversation about vain girls who constantly flip their hair while having a conversation with someone. The song makes an analogy between a shallow girl and an eggplant, presumably the opposite of an egghead (an intellectual).
06. Big Tall Wall 5’40 (1986)
Unreleased track, recorded in mid-April 1986 at Galpin Blvd Home Studio. The track is a minimalist funk/rock song, with Prince’s vocals accompanied only by a Linn LN-1 drum machine. The track was recorded around the time when Prince’s then-girlfriend Susannah Melvoin had moved out of Prince’s house and the lyrics, including “I’m gonna build a big tall wall, stone circle so you can’t get out”
07. The Ball 4’33 (1986)
Unreleased track recorded on 26 July 1986 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio. Prince re-recorded the track with new lyrics as Eye No, but kept the original segue ending the track (which was also used at the beginning of the released version of Joy In Repetition).
08. Make Your Mama Happy 1’30 (1986)
Basic track was recorded on 8 August 1986 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio.
09. Crucial 3’42 (1986)
Initial tracking took place on 13 September 1986 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio. This version missed the guitar solo.
10. Coco Boys 5’50 (1986)
Prince recorded a studio version of the track (with lyrics) on 14 September 1986 at his Galpin Blvd Home Studio.
The Coco Boys was the name of a band included as characters in the musical; while the band names changed, the idea of rival bands was reused in the Graffiti Bridge movie.
11. Emotional Pump 4’55 (1986)
Unreleased track recorded on 16 October 1986 at Sunset Sound. The song was written for Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, who had influenced Prince greatly. It was sent to her, but she didn’t think it matched her style and she told Prince she couldn’t sing it. The track remains unreleased.
12. Telepathy 2’27 (1986)
Initial tracking took place on 7 October 1986 at Sunset Sound. It is the first track on Deborah Allen’s fourth album Telepathy.
13. Wally 4’34 (1986)
Unreleased song originally recorded on 28 December 1986 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio. After finishing the song Prince ordered engineer Susan Rogers to erase all channels on the the 24-stem recording. It is not clear if a cassette copy of the song was made prior to its erasing. The original version was a solo recording dealing with Prince’s break-up with Susannah Melvoin, and thanking Wally Safford for being his friend. He felt the song was too personal, however, and kept adding layers of percussion and changing the feel of the track.
14. 101 4’02 (1987)
Initial tracking took place on 10 January 1987 at Sunset Sound. It is the eighth track on Sheena Easton’s ninth album The Lover In Me.
15. U Got The Look (Alternate extended version) 5’14 (1987)
16. La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Explosive) 10’32 (1987)
While specific recording dates are not known, initial tracking took place in mid-January, 1987 at Prince’s Galpin Blvd Home Studio after completion of the Sign O’ The Times album. This is the original full-length version.


1-01 - Soft And Wet #1.flac:31e29a40c87595e525cd63b78fa5cbdc
1-02 - Soft And Wet #2.flac:fe8b3d032a7b3e996da3df37d8e0b223
1-03 - Miss You.flac:9ef3ccd7c2a73ab6162992fe3bdc8ab2
1-04 - Rough.flac:1b23fb4e1991191ee53e0caf35fdb0b2
1-05 - Feel U Up.flac:a4e0b6c6dc7f4c28c88a33a158da2652
1-06 - Broken.flac:a76531c735af5076bd925ba4c405e8ee
1-07 - Strange Way (Of Saying I Love U).flac:ee8de9877ef9f5e906525fdda813a232
1-08 - Do Yourself A Favor.flac:9bbadbcb71a5e8a0ab83c8ae70cf25b1
1-09 - Turn It Up.flac:60804644cb0db944f96946b85bc5ea8d
1-10 - Moonbeam Levels.flac:6b4e678118681ae722c9cd6842607257
1-11 - Jungle Love (Jesse Johnson's instr. demo).flac:2fcecca6ba5503067a5a3197a71b6f9a
1-12 - Wet Dream Cousin.flac:af16402a1ce91dbabaec4a5563a7e73e
1-13 - Wonderful Ass.flac:b9c994693d275b06e75728b4565ea52e
1-14 - Velvet Kitty Cat.flac:4093336dab8deafddfaded3fb9683bc1
1-15 - My Love Belongs To You.flac:3b8fedcfbc6ae1cb6a7d0803cc6985be
1-16 - Sex Shooter (Vanity 6).flac:06c8fd3e8e67eb2d73105b95d832f3af
1-17 - Wednesday.flac:be0dcc6a01e84cd7f9b25690e9d50138
2-01 - The Glamorous Life.flac:4bc1c070c5390ac1e397c863ff77bf82
2-02 - She's Always In My Hair.flac:a342e03829f9a18365188bb31f595513
2-03 - Ice Cream Castles.flac:9fc33952dbd4bfa1937b8b714adf4e72
2-04 - Paisley Park (instr.).flac:2472d4c941d9a30849080473b5f3729a
2-05 - When Doves Cry.flac:9f8d49f014429c82a51eb3770b29d9d8
2-06 - Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar.flac:0cbc3a25c1d86bd3cbf4df815ae475b8
2-07 - The Dance Electric.flac:373ff6aee06b572e30210deae76545f2
2-08 - The Screams Of Passion.flac:c258184e1b2b4cacbe00bff479fd912f
2-09 - Around The World In A Day.flac:aafa9dd53a68b31cf87bf60f52df0ef9
2-10 - Our Destiny (Jill Jones).flac:464e243c0513fd2bfd1719d9f0c1dbf3
2-11 - Roadhouse Garden.flac:b807e31cab8b44240870470133c7e1be
2-12 - Mutiny.flac:c0e66985818e4f7ef0cb506eb2f2063b
2-13 - Dear Michaelangelo.flac:31d5b26ab927bb03768b040f5752401d
2-14 - Toy Box.flac:813bccb92a0819180d83e4b57bb97a4e
3-01 - Come Elektra Tuesday.flac:79d6c7dc945aa606646325d1169d2359
3-02 - Other's Here With Us.flac:1338d08b97b2a6a947f4a07ed2f685f5
3-03 - Living Doll.flac:ceedd209981a935c89f37aa1e5376e6c
3-04 - Empty Room.flac:9e16e8abd84774b1716791f6dfa2c05c
3-05 - My Baby Knows.flac:b312022e92925871761d06c5357be63b
3-06 - Killin' At The Soda Shop.flac:81490b874e9d5232ae4cf1306ce7430e
3-07 - Eternity.flac:6c85d31f99a236d127173297e97b2123
3-08 - Mia Bocca.flac:0ec5d7d133b855863d82f9fbd43474b8
3-09 - If I Could Get Your Attention (Jill Jones).flac:9ce9c0a562b356764240ac6426aaaf11
3-10 - Power Fantastic.flac:b266be4e9aff831fb59f9770c82720b1
3-11 - Crystal Ball.flac:b9ff3a61cc07a27c49160deabc7d0af1
3-12 - Witness 4 The Prosecution.flac:4e29dbd77ebfc246b3a8b7bfee778b9d
3-13 - Movie Star.flac:6ee39519ebd16b1a13a259749e910cfe
3-14 - A Place In Heaven.flac:c4a37117b521c51f424ebd793db72aee
3-15 - Girl O' My Dreams.flac:0dfdd8fd915e0f4211d75cf19112fa5a
3-16 - Can't Stop This Feeling I Got.flac:f9364b76b497d2a3340fc248ac1477e7
3-17 - We Can Funk.flac:034f09e42a47f20120621dd5198f4268
3-18 - Data Bank.flac:378be5f551dd5526e6d29173516c864e
4-01 - Love And Sex.flac:c8a50c897dd230cab3b3322002ea382d
4-02 - Yah, U Know.flac:9f719f7b4d04181df743f223aebeaca6
4-03 - In A Large Room With No Light.flac:1b9a2b6fc7274ce44e8062557a5cd10f
4-04 - Baby Go-Go.flac:a951cdcf283e63814b3ba1d99da4557e
4-05 - Eggplant.flac:6d49530e768c9833f562541c1bfe0aa1
4-06 - Big Tall Wall.flac:941e00bd374e0254d5e29e0a2c1178f0
4-07 - The Ball.flac:ada9ad335030d0bf06703d75f08c3bcb
4-08 - Make Your Mama Happy.flac:501daf32c07eb8be1d268aeafc06984d
4-09 - Crucial.flac:6b4e9fb72ea9e17620aa58ada90e83c3
4-10 - Coco Boys.flac:2f923369ca243e92b56a1d02550e6748
4-11 - Emotional Pump.flac:38170d3872543a55a1e299b205412e2f
4-12 - Telepathy.flac:5976fee6103ca3f810172ea57dc4edaa
4-13 - Wally.flac:61d6b32a307dab30bf78155e0403b67d
4-14 - 101.flac:a565ec56a01ab2bd30f0276354e90c7a
4-15 - U Got The Look.flac:53d722688387650b1bc1e6c0d7f826da
4-16 - La, La, La, He, He, Hee.flac:0df20f68756b1e4caf664774f068e354

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

FLAC: Prince live in New York 1993 - 2CD - March 26

March 26, 1993
Radio City Music Hall
New York, NY

Face First Production of an Exploding Commode Video

Taped & Provided by ECV
Capture, Edit, Author by FFP
Audio Mastered by Jadedphan

Audio: NAK 300s
Master: NAK 300s > Panasonic AG-7400 > VHS Master (Maxell HGX-Gold T-160)
Transfer: VHS Master > Panasonic AG-7150 > Canopus ADVC-300 > Firewire > HD > Sony Vegas 9 (.avi) > WAV > Soundforge 10 > TLH > FLAC 16/48

Set 1
My Name Is Prince
Sexy MF
Damn U
The Max
The Morning Papers
Blue Light
The Continental
The Flow
Deuce And A Quarter
I Wanna Melt With U
Sweet Baby
And God Created Woman
3 Chains O' Gold
Arabic Intro

Set 2
Let's Go Crazy
Irresistible Bitch
She's Always In My Hair
When You Were Mine
Gett Off
Gett Off (Houstyle)
Purple Rain
Baby I'm A Star

Set 1
00:00:57 - Warble
01:05:12 - Warble

Prince - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Levi Seacer Jr. - Guitar
Tommy Barbarella - Keyboards
Morris Hayes - Keyboards
Sonny Thompson - Bass
Michael Bland - Drums
Kathy Jensen - Bariton Saxophone
Brian Gallagher - Tenor Saxophone
Dave Jensen - Trumpet
Steve Strand - Trumpet
Michael Nelson - Trombone
Anthony "Tony M" Mosley - Dance, Lead Raps
Mayte Garcia - Dance
Damon Dickson - Dance
Kirk Johnson - Dance, Percussion
Kelly Konno - Dance, Reporter

Prince1993-03-26s1t01_My Name Is Prince.flac:2d8f5a2863c1f2df9e7f465307ca1d94
Prince1993-03-26s1t02_Sexy MF.flac:097b091519d21f895601ede177483d3d
Prince1993-03-26s1t03_Damn U.flac:94e8a6faa9d999d5e9e4888dc2166f46
Prince1993-03-26s1t04_The Max.flac:06fd34a55d20603b14671e6605b903a7
Prince1993-03-26s1t05_The Morning Papers.flac:5bc2dd1676b40c0586d984fed17a3e27
Prince1993-03-26s1t07_Blue Light.flac:f971bbfabaada53a0b9c1f77bd4f6411
Prince1993-03-26s1t08_The Continental.flac:7e2fbebdf9c67a19c77481999bc459e1
Prince1993-03-26s1t09_The Flow.flac:07dd3f47bdeae813741459bb522e2f2c
Prince1993-03-26s1t11_Duece & Quarter.flac:8980787ee21a790d81bb3afd23e12104
Prince1993-03-26s1t12_I Wanna Melt With U.flac:6c6a5602b9631639229be03dadd61049
Prince1993-03-26s1t13_Sweet Baby.flac:2fbf3e954102ab2b4db2647c08f8bb8e
Prince1993-03-26s1t14_And God Created Woman.flac:73cce1bd1276097c1fb757fbb53f311d
Prince1993-03-26s1t15_3 Chains Of Gold.flac:cd1dda7b48557d4b5fda768fb2cd09a1
Prince1993-03-26s1t16_Arabic Intro.flac:7c170e19d02d84386d6cd21027bb3802
Prince1993-03-26s2t01_Let's Go Crazy.flac:83f04c8ce226bb2d49e198601816ccdf
Prince1993-03-26s2t03_Irresistible Bitch.flac:6889fb82be6dfcd7f7dd049a03377e38
Prince1993-03-26s2t04_She's Always In My Hair.flac:9567e0d116ffb0b7ea6724dd152764c2
Prince1993-03-26s2t05_When You Were Mine.flac:c35b20108ead4929952d25d54fa09643
Prince1993-03-26s2t08_Gett Off.flac:3ec6867fd03e7bd210dba7a8e567641f
Prince1993-03-26s2t09_Gett Off (Houstyle).flac:6331615aa8c2f5314c5ca42f24b71c53
Prince1993-03-26s2t11_Purple Rain.flac:c27bcccd34d282a798e3e7eac0085338
Prince1993-03-26s2t14_Baby I'm A Star.flac:a2782f5dd8e6468b728e5f913e0ab2ce
902c4b22f368ccc1024b595dbf10ca10 *Prince1993-03-26s1t01_My Name Is Prince.flac
faef7cd9976eabbaaae997b0a730ea66 *Prince1993-03-26s1t02_Sexy MF.flac
27a2e42a3118102ba8c9696da1c0e69e *Prince1993-03-26s1t03_Damn U.flac
d78c2a0a1e4ad236db7ef0e13cdf29c9 *Prince1993-03-26s1t04_The Max.flac
673c721ec9f8eccfd8949fc5aea2b179 *Prince1993-03-26s1t05_The Morning Papers.flac
313cee8ae253ad9c5bb85aa88c8ee49a *Prince1993-03-26s1t06_Peach.flac
b0add7485db787b297d718cab4010328 *Prince1993-03-26s1t07_Blue Light.flac
588ab3097b28a82c91f2c542cab8d18d *Prince1993-03-26s1t08_The Continental.flac
07cb21c7abd2410bcb0a2241682324e9 *Prince1993-03-26s1t09_The Flow.flac
01f2a59513fee12cf0d525a78f435a52 *Prince1993-03-26s1t10_Johnny.flac
af9378946f70302a2ee8ddc5d3fcc6a2 *Prince1993-03-26s1t11_Duece & Quarter.flac
f30d7d86c9f213f138222f611d883e24 *Prince1993-03-26s1t12_I Wanna Melt With U.flac
b2e7ae5bc90c656418d7658b04a7a805 *Prince1993-03-26s1t13_Sweet Baby.flac
cddaad6a85d88c2b92c7da0304ba4f3e *Prince1993-03-26s1t14_And God Created Woman.flac
cf45ffbb9f28b14cbc49e20f5495f3f6 *Prince1993-03-26s1t15_3 Chains Of Gold.flac
e06fd6304249f2fac13790212bf75396 *Prince1993-03-26s1t16_Arabic Intro.flac
2e99ef6f73fb5a173c57b9cd2edb1f6f *Prince1993-03-26s1t17_Seven.flac
9db27c426357afff65c06aac3174b97f *Prince1993-03-26s2t01_Let's Go Crazy.flac
a2b778194907022ac573d5e1b240472b *Prince1993-03-26s2t02_Kiss.flac
c55ca09c5093a36babdf2c12f9338880 *Prince1993-03-26s2t03_Irresistible Bitch.flac
cbe29bcfb0aebb6bbbdecb9b15edc155 *Prince1993-03-26s2t04_She's Always In My Hair.flac
20267249fa9125359baa6cdabaf752d4 *Prince1993-03-26s2t05_When You Were Mine.flac
8655b00b152147e98038b85be439b947 *Prince1993-03-26s2t06_Insatiable.flac
a31dce13217989c7221b3b7c533ecb3d *Prince1993-03-26s2t07_Scandalous.flac
ea6bd8c057ffe6fe452f519ae22a6a4c *Prince1993-03-26s2t08_Gett Off.flac
3d472719e7f6eeb315cec5feeba25b7d *Prince1993-03-26s2t09_Gett Off (Houstyle).flac
4b199dcea13c867a4b1af8b0d43f79b6 *Prince1993-03-26s2t10_Goldnigga.flac
9b47a60b39e32fa35bd3d8f3e3d15421 *Prince1993-03-26s2t11_Purple Rain.flac
538953363ac54797eb15a10c5a459d4e *Prince1993-03-26s2t12_Partyman.flac
71b76096da2c1038aa4990e2960b7884 *Prince1993-03-26s2t13_1999.flac
e6852271760f43f47fd1d16579a8a618 *Prince1993-03-26s2t14_Baby I'm A Star.flac
26eeb05e3ead14d731dfe56e52b2715c *Prince1993-03-26s2t15_Push.flac

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

FLAC: Prince live in Birmingham 1993 - 2CD - July 27

Prince & The NPG* ‎– What's My Name ?
Label: Monada ‎– none
Format: 2 × CD, Unofficial Release
Released: 1993
Genre: Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop
Linage : Original Silvers > xACT Software For Mac > Flac > you

Artwork Included

Tracklisting : LOOOOOOOOOOONG!

1-1 My Name Is Prince
1-2 Sexy MF
1-3 Love 2 The 9's
1-4 The Beautiful Ones
1-5 Let's Go Crazy
1-6 Kiss
1-7 Irresistible Bitch
1-8 She's Always In My Hair
1-9 Raspberry Beret
1-10 Sometimes It Snows In April
1-11 The Cross
1-12 Sign "O" The Times
1-13 Purple Rain
1-14 And God Created Woman
1-15 Diamonds & Pearls
1-16 Little Red Corvette
1-17 Strollin'
1-18 Scandalous
1-19 Girls & Boys
1-20 Oriental Intro
2-1 7
2-2 1999
2-3 Baby I'm A Star
2-4 America
2-5 Take The 'A' Train
2-6 It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
2-7 Organ Solo
2-8 Speech
2-9 Dark
2-10 Speech
2-11 House In Order
2-12 Speech
2-13 Race
2-14 Speech
2-15 Johnny
2-16 Deuce & A Quarter
2-17 House In Order
2-18 Dark
Companies, etc.
Record Company – Eileen Murton Records
Live And Soundchecks
At National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England July 27th, 1993.
Audience recording.
Barcode and Other Identifiers
Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): MON EMR 93-1
Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): MON EMR 93-2
Rights Society: OSA


flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.38 on 2016-12-08 12:31:00

101 My Name Is Prince.flac:5d2f6ced064be8207f62eac975052ae3
102 Sexy M.F.:Love 2 The 9's.flac:958b72285a4dce371feaeafda5ef3ac6
103 The Beautiful Ones.flac:236cfe18eb6cfe7509566b84c26838e0
104 Let's Go Crazy.flac:ddcee1f0da9c5e9a34a12a410f9a3185
105 Kiss.flac:4471677b675a371012c7162e7813e170
106 Irresistible Bitch.flac:0f9793a122e7d93020449163e1fee55e
107 She's Always In My Hair.flac:9940fd0328aaf802dbb979156442e8a8
108 Raspberry Beret.flac:645730d3f90bbf3705f3b54759bae5ab
109 Sometimes It Snows In April.flac:8d34a609d7c55e0a02fdff63a3cf9047
110 The Cross.flac:0439a1bd40a68c8c705f49435577082c
111 Sign O' The Times.flac:86dc5526902b622c52835e777337aa83
112 Purple Rain.flac:8667f76532d7a814084820b6ddb0eac0
113 And God Created Woman.flac:dadae5895bdd17cf8387849946acfddb
114 Diamonds And Pearls.flac:945acee3137a433eddbb14012dbf1b8b
115 Little Red Corvette.flac:4e0f2ad43993b8844c8cfc5b1aff9a16
116 Strollin'.flac:f81a415181b445340373ec67743ce56a
117 Scandalous.flac:a1717ed7c8a27dbd1a0563fa36fa8181
118 Girls And Boys.flac:91d5c723a456697ba528917cd88040e6
119 7:Intro.flac:5974706ed90183db3d462efe52e80502
201 7.flac:c16fc54ca9090439f87d412ab9a86d2b
202 1999.flac:795a1abce9fe9c84dcda537213bf41db
203 Baby I'm A Star.flac:bb99d1e3e8aa3a5ddf33b094d96c33ac
204 America.flac:6c8d1b26e52c22bd36ad5df128ae936f
205 Take The A-Train.flac:4469e762ccbb8296c1abcfbb89e27eda
206 It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night.flac:3d1de4416edd07aef799742faef78597
207 Organ Solo.flac:89d593facbf4ae56fa5c4cd0510d8975
208 Speech #1.flac:021402b4c72c6f7f60c02ab948a47521
209 Dark.flac:c2006020e36f78ad6019aee2df141024
210 Speech #2.flac:92803acaa6eb5ba4743bd235ec16adb5
211 House In Order.flac:6fbba9ce93fc226557c839fc6372a226
212 Speech #3.flac:b6d20ed08f0d71e3887d0c7f2e1b9351
213 Race.flac:362650a29f8ae6e3b0a523c4075ed32b
214 Speech #4.flac:7e4bc0682ff7aa98a346aad70b1f89ce
215 Johnny.flac:5a93abb49b209bcf01891621da380bf0

Download this bootleg here

FLAC: Prince "Work It 2.0 volume 8" - 4CD

Prince - Work It 2.0_Updated V 8 (GetBlue)

Lineage: Trade in FLAC form. The whole Work it 2.0 comes in 5 DVDs with the Flac files, so this set has never been Burned & Ripped.

Artwork: Included

Cue Sheet (EAC): Included (2 kinds of CUE Sheets, for WAV and for FLAC if you have installed the Plug-Ins). These Cue files are "self-made" and they were NOT included in the trade.

Label : GetBlue

Track List:

Prince - Orgasm
Prince - Come #5
Prince - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Prince - Shy
Prince - I Hate U
Prince - Gold #2
Prince - Get Loose
The NPG - Slave 2 The System #1
The NPG - Somebody's Somebody #1
The NPG - Super Hero
The NPG - The Exodus Has Begun #1
The NPG - New Power Soul #1
The NPG - Get Wild #2
The NPG - Sonny
The NPG - Spooky Soup
The NPG - NPG Outro

The NPG - 2Gether
The NPG - Acknowledge Me #2
The NPG - The Exodus Has Begun #2
The NPG - New Power Soul #2
The NPG - Get Wild #3
The NPG - Hallucination Rain
The NPG - Mad
The NPG - It Takes 3
The NPG - DJ Seduces Sonny
The NPG - Funky Design
The NPG - Love... Thy Will Be Done #3
The NPG - Funky
The NPG - Proud Mary
The NPG - Free The Music
Prince - Slave 2 The System #2
Prince - Dinner With Delores

Prince - Starfish And Coffee #2
Prince - Sarah
Prince - Stone
Prince - Livin' 2 Die (Our Lives)
Prince - I'll Never Be Another Fool
Prince - Soul Sanctuary
Prince - 2020
Prince - Slave
Prince - I Am The DJ
Prince - Feel Good
Prince - Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart
Prince - Right Back Here In My Arms
Prince - Emancipation
Prince - Rock And Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis)
Prince - Rock And Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis) [The Tony Fly Mix]
Prince - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World [Mustang Mix '96]
Prince - Van Gogh
Prince - Jam Of The Year #1
Prince - Jam Of The Year #2
Prince - Jam Of The Year Tour Intro

Graham Central Station - Do U Wanna Get Funky?
Graham Central Station - Jump And Shout
Prince - Sadomasochistic Groove
Prince - Funk Radio
The NPG - Come On #1
The NPG - Come On #2
The NPG - Come On #3
The NPG - (I Like) Funky Music
Prince & Marva King - U're Still The One
Madhouse - Seventeen
Madhouse - Eighteen
Rosie Gaines - Trouble (Never Give Up)
Prince - Thank U Just The Same
Prince - Intro Ahdio
Prince - NPGMC
Prince & Chaka Khan - I Feel For You
Prince - Rave Mix 01
Prince - Xylophone
Prince - instrumental
Prince - Endorphinmachine #2
Prince - Endorphinmachine #3
Prince - Endorphinmachine #4
Prince - Endorphinmachine #5
Prince - Endorphinmachine #6
Prince - Endorphinmachine #7
Prince - Endorphinmachine #8
Prince - Dance On #1
Prince - Dance On #2
Prince - Dance On #3
Prince - Dance On #4
Prince - Dance On #5
Prince - Dance On #6
Prince - Let's Work #1
Prince - Let's Work #2
Prince - Let's Work #3
Prince - Let's Work #4
Prince - Let's Work #5
Prince - Let's Work #6
Prince - Let's Work #7
Prince - Let's Work #8
Prince - S.S.T.
Prince - Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Saturday, September 16, 2017

NEW: Prince live in Stockholm 1986 - 1DVD - August 22 - pro-shot

Prince And The Revolution
Stockholm '86 - Parade Tour
August 22, 1986
Stockholm, Sweden
Running time: 107 minutes
Label: Habibi

LINEAGE: A.B.M.P Release 2006 -> Taiyo Yuden DVD-R -> 2015 DVD Decrypter extraction -> TTD Torrent

The Stockholm '86 performance by Prince And The newly expanded Revolution was professionally filmed by one camera on a tripod set in the center of the venue, presumably in front of the soundboard. The Stockholm 1-cam pro-shot CANNOT compare to the Syracuse '85 or Dortmund '88 multi-camera shoots.
I believe the Stockholm '86 concert was filmed specifically for Prince by his management. Clarification would be appreciated...

The soundboard audio featured in this release was also used for the infamous "City Lights" multi-disc soundboard compilation that was released 20 years ago by Superhero Records. The Stockholm '86 "City Lights" discs were remastered by Free Boot Generation in 2007.

Personally, I'd rather listen to the "Stockholm, Are You Hip To The Funk?" (#FBG06) remastered 2CD, than watch this DVD.
The substandard DVD video quality cannot compete with the images that race through my mind while listening to this Parade Era classic...

I'd like to challenge all Prince DVD authors to mate the Habibi Stockholm DVD with the FBG "...Hip To The Funk?" release in an effort to create a definitive visual document of this memorable performance!
A 2DVD set featuring LPCM "...Hip To The Funk?" audio would be ideal.

Around The World In A Day
Christopher Tracy's Parade
New Position
I Wonder U
Raspberry Beret
A Love Bizarre
Do Me, Baby
How Much Is That Doggy In The Window
Lady Cab Driver (instrumental)
When Doves Cry
Under The Cherry Moon
17 Days
Pop Life
Girls And Boys
Life Can Be So Nice
Purple Rain

Audio Codec: AC3 2.0 Stereo
- Audio Bitrate: 192 kbps
- Video System: NTSC 29.97 fps
- Video Bitrate: 5003 kbps

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here