Thursday, June 23, 2016

RE-UP: Prince live in Dublin 1995 - 1CD - March 30 - aftershow

New Power Zounds
Catalog # NP154-2
Release Year
CD Length 74:46
Date/Venue 30 March 1995 The Pod Dublin
Source Audience
Quality VG+

Track Listing
30 March 1995 The Pod Dublin
the cross, the jam (inst), i believe in you, glam slam boogie, sex machine, funky design, johnny - bustin loose - feel good, the most beautiful girl in the world, 18 and over, loose, satana medley, get wild (cut)

Bono attempts to sing The Cross, but forgets some of the words and the key. Otherwise, this is a nice little aftershow from the gold tour. The sound quality could be better. The package is above average, but nothing too special.

Download this bootleg here

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