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RE-UP: Prince live in New York 2011 - 3CD - February 7 - including Cee Lo opening act

Prince and Cee Lo Greene
Madison Square Garden, NYC
February 7, 2011

Cee Lo

02-Bright Lights Bigger City
06-When You Were Mine
07-Fool For You
08-Smiley Faces
09-____ You


03-Little Red Corvette
04-The Beautiful Ones
06-Purple Rain
07-Raspberry Beret
10-Let's Work
11-Nothing Compares to U
12-Crazy (Cee Lo encore)
13-Let's Go Crazy
14-Delirious - LGC Reprise
16-Doves Cry - Kiss
17-Nasty Girl - Forever in My Life - Sign O the Times - Alphabet
18-A Love Bizarre
19-Hot Thing - Pop Life
20-I Would Die For U - Single Ladies
21-If I Was Your Girlfriend
26-Shake Your Body Down To The Ground
27-Everyday People
28-Wanna Take You Higher

Recorded by mrsaureus, sitting side lowest bank of seats off the floor

I don't have a whole lot to say about this show that hasn't already been written.  This was the show where Prince called Kim Kardashian up on stage and then curtly dismissed her, so it's the most discussed show I've been to in a long time, but I have a slightly different take on that whole episode than what has been reported.  It is true that Prince ended Kim's turn up top with a petulant "Get off the stage!", but there's more to it than that.  At that point in the show Prince was doing a character, a petulant man-boy whining to be pimped for, requesting a "big sexy mama" and truculently refusing most choices with a churlish "She may be too sexy".  The first woman up, Paula, did the bump very competently with Prince, but was dismissed with "Get off the stage!" before Kim even came up.  That was the shtick:  woman is chosen, maybe dismissed for being too sexy, maybe comes up, dances, and then a pouty Prince tells her cheekily to get off the stage.  The media made it sound like Prince sized up Kim and summoned up that line just for her.  Not so.  Having said that, Paula danced and Kim didn't.

The other thing needs pointing out about this show is that it took the cult of the encore to a brand new level.  When I was younger, back in the seventies, bands would play a show and then really go off stage. They'd be off for 15 or 20 minutes, maybe longer.  They had to have time to do some drugs.  Then they'd come back, and they'd usually play one song, and it was very often their big hit.  Then they'd leave for good.  Anybody been to a show lately knows that bands often come back from their first departure within about a minute (the surest evidence I've seen that drug use is down) and are playing increasingly long encores, that now often amount to mini-sets.  This is the result of a logical type of inflation.  Songs played in the "encore" portion of the show are more valuable than songs played as part of the regular show.  A certain magic attends the encore, a delight associated with getting a treat, with finding money on the street, with a snow day.  So why not put as much of the show as possible in the magic light of Saturday morning, summer vacation.  Encores become longer, maybe 4 songs, and occasionally now you get a second encore.  Lots of bands do it, but nobody does it like Prince.  After only 11 songs, Prince asked us to support the arts, said thank you and good night.  What the hell?  A normal show would be about 22 songs.  Well, Prince came back all right, and counting the second encore, played a total of 17 more songs.  This is first show I've ever been to in which the encore was actually longer than the show itself.  But I'm not complaining.  Every thing about a Prince show is wacked out in one way or another, and he worked hard for us.  It was a long show and he performed at a very high level.  You probably get more for you money from Prince than from anybody, except maybe Springsteen.

Cee Lo played a fun, high energy first set with an all chick band, and the Abbott and Costello contrast of constitution between him and Prince was amusing when they were out together for Crazy.  Funny thing here was that Prince is apparently squeaky clean on the language front and had all of Cee Lo's monitors remind him not to say it, as well as having a sound tech actually come out and talk to him before his encore, to the effect, presumably, of don't say it.  Cee Lo didn't have to say it:  the audience sang the chorus loud and clear, while Cee Lo just grinned and chuckled.  Even the power of Prince has it's limits.  But not many.

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