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RE-UP: Prince "Exploding All Over Europe" - 3CD - various August 1998 shows

Exploding All Over Europe 3CD 
Catalog # 063/64/65
Release Year 1998 
3CD Length 79:32 | 79:54 | 79:23
Date/Venue Europe August 1998
Source Audience
Quality VG+/EX
G2P Rating 3.875/5.0 

Track Listing
Stockholm 16/8/98 (disc 1 & disc 2 tracks 1 - 6)
London Hippodrome aftershow (disc 2 tracks 7 - 17 & disc 3 tracks 1 - 11)
Copenhagen 18/8/98 (disc 3 track 12)
Paris 21/8/98 (disc 3 tracks 13 - 16)
Zurich aftershow 23/8/98 (disc 3 tracks 17 - 18)
London Café de Paris aftershow 27/8/98 (disc 3 track 19)

Disc #1
Jam of the year
Talkin' loud and sayin' nothing
Let's work
Rock 'n' roll is alive outro.
Purple rain
Little red Corvette
I would die 4 U
Get yo groove on
I could never take the place of your man
Guitar jam
The ride
The Christ
The one
Do me, baby
If I was your girlfriend
Piano jam
Strange relationship
Venus de Milo
The most beautiful girl in the world
How come U don't call me anymore?
Diamonds and pearls
The beautiful ones
Darling Nikki
Nothing compares 2 U
Take me with U
Raspberry beret
Mr Happy outro.

Disc #2
Come on
Come on (remix)
2001: Also sprach Zarathustra
Funky music
Baby I'm a star
Hippodrome jam
Push it up
Joy and pain
Push it up II
Days of wild
Thank you (falletinme be mice elf agin)
You can sing it if you try
The jam
Thank you for talkin' to me Africa
Everyday people

Disc #3
2001: Also sprach Zarathustra
The war
World war III jam
The ride
Guitar solo
Let's go crazy
She's always in my hair
U got the look
Gett off
I feel for you [features Chaka Khan]
When you were mine
Love...thy will be done
Forever in my life
Alphabet St.
You're still the one
Don't talk 2 strangers [Chaka Khan]

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4/5.0) 
An excellent document of the summer 1998 tour. 

Dale's Comments (rates this release 3.75/5.0) 
I prefer All Access to this release, but this is still an excellent release with a couple of gems on it. 

Mike's Comments (rates this release 4.25/5.0) 
An excellent bootleg, and my pick of the first European tour of 1998 (All access would be my pick of the second). The Stockholm concert is superb; Prince seems to have enjoyed himself immensely and his enthusiasm is reflected in a fine performance. The Hippodrome aftershow is also a cut above, and is noteable for including 'The war' (which eventually becomes a jam). The remaining bonus tracks round up some of the more interesting rarities from the tour - a manic version of 'Mad' being one highlight, Prince's duet with Chaka Khan on 'I feel for you' another - and are the icing on the cake. This set should not be overlooked.

Download this bootleg here

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