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RE-UP: Prince live in Amsterdam 2013 - 1CD - August 11 (early show) - Source #2

Prince & 3th Eye Girl

2013-08-11 1st show

Paradiso Amsterdam Holland

Editor: grigio <- Thank U very much for making the sound better...

This was a very exciting night as I am a Prince fan for over 28 years and got myself tickets for both shows this night.
Had some serious troubles taping this gig though. I know how tight security usually is at P concerts so I didn't want to
take any risc at finding myself out on the street before the gig was over so I left most of my extra gear at home. I hid
the mics a bit further up my collar then usuall and that gives the recording a bit muffled sound.Also during the first
show P was getting louder all the time so I pulled my recorder out of my trousers pocket to check the levels and adjust them
when needed. The last time I put the recorder back in my pocket the edge of my pocket switched over a tiny button on the recorder
that say's mic or line in. That was the tragically ending of the recording of that show. After the gig I walked to my car to
secure the recording and put in a fresh card. I then noticed something was wrong but the little switch poped back into the
right position without me even noticing it and I just thought I had adjusted the recording level whilst changing cards.
Then when I got back in to see the second show I set up my gear again and noticed the recording levels didn't show up.
As I had put it back in my pocket the switch was turned over again. I had no clue what was going on so I tried to solve it
by changing almost every setting in the recorders menu, changing cards again and even put in fresh batteries. Nothing helped :-((
Then all of a suden after I actually already gave up trying I thought about them tiny little buttons on the side of the recorder.
Played around a bit with them and was back in business. Damn that bloody button and today I made a true effort of sabotaging it
so that this can never ever happen again. 2 recordings ruined, muffled sound and songs missing but he ho, it was my partynight
of the year so that comes first and the rest is a bonus. So here is that bonus.
I hope some other taper was there too and made a better and complete recording.


01. Let's Go Crazy
02. Endorphinmachine
03. Screwdriver Aborted due to various tech problems
04. Screwdriver restart
05. She's Always In My Hair
06. Liathach

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