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NEW: Prince live in Brussels 2010 - 3CD - November 7

Free Boot Generation, FBG37: Prince - Viage 2
Sunday, November 7th, 2010
Viage, Brussels, Boulevard Anspach 30, 1000 Brussels
Band: Prince, John Blackwell, Ida Nielsen, Morris Hayes, Renato Neto, Cassandra O'Neal, Shelby J., Elisa Dease, Liv Warfield
Recording: The Dynamic Duo
Audio treatment: Free Boot Generation
Artwork: Reverend

Comments from FBG:
"Probably one of the best performances Prince has given these last few years, now available in excellent quality FOR FREE. Whoever pays for this, has been ripped!! (and it won’t sound better pressed either)
You can hear some minor crackling in the background, but that was a problem in the venue. Not the fault of TDD, who did an outstanding job archiving this great gig for all of us!! Mad props!
The tracking might be a little surprising to some, but there was no other way to divide the cd’s, if you want them on regular 80min cdr’s. Everything could have fit on two 90min disks, but we know the majority doesn’t like those. And after all, we’re here to serve the fans, not our wallets."

CD 1
1. Joy in repetition*
2. Stratus
3. Sometimes it snows in April
4. Delirious* (with A night in Tunisia interpolation)
5. Soft & wet*
6. I wanna be your lover*
7. Why you wanna treat me so bad (aborted)
8. Sexy dancer*
9. Give it to me baby
10. Sexy dancer vs Le freak
11. Partyup*
12. Uptown
13. Raspberry beret
14. Cream (with For love interpolation)
15. Cool
16. Let's work
17. U got the look

CD 2
1. Controversy (with I know you got soul interpolation - I like funky music chants)
2. Free
3. Pearls B4 the swine
4. Love… thy will be done
5. She's always in my hair
6. Dreamer
7. I feel for you
8. Chelsea Rodgers (Shelby J. lead vox)
9. Dance (disco heat)
10. Baby I'm a star
11. The love we make
12. Get on the boat (with America chants)
13. Which way is up (Shelby J. lead vox)

CD 3
1. Mountains
2. Shake your body (down to the ground)
3. Everyday people
4. I wanna take you higher
5. All the critics love U in Brussels

* Instrumental songs


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