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NEW: Prince "Xenophobia volume 2" - 4CD - live Paisley Park June 24-26 2002

Xenophobia Vol 2 4CDR
Catalog # PM148-151
Release Year 2002
4CDR Length 65.43 | 63.57 | 48.40 | 69.29
Date/Venue 24 - 26 June 2002
Source Audience
Quality EX-
G2P Rating 4.5/5.0

Track Listing
Paisley Park 24/6/02 (disc 1 tracks 1 - 10)
Maceo Parker set, Paisley Park 21/6/02 (disc 1 tracks 11 - 13)
Paisley Park 25/6/02 (discs 2 & 3)
Paisley Park 26/6/02 (disc 4)

Disc #1
Asswoop / Take the E-train / Strollin'
How come U don't call me anymore?
Diamonds and pearls
The beautiful ones
Starfish and coffee
Sometimes it snows in April
I love U but I don't trust U anymore
Prince and the band
Maceo's groove
Wonderful one
Funky good time

              Disc #2
Voodoo chile [instrumental]
Whole lotta love
Something in the water (does not compute)
The question of U
The one
I could never take the place of your man
Ain't no sunshine
She's always in my hair
The ride

              Disc #3
Alphabet St.
Blues jam
Elephants and flowers
All the critics love U in New York
Beautiful strange
Calhoun square

              Disc #4
The rainbow children [features Eric Leeds & Najee]
Muse 2 the pharoah
Money don't matter 2 night
A case of you
1 + 1 + 1 is 3

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4.5/5.0)
Two complete shows and the first part of a third one (the remainder of which is on Xenophobia Celebration volume 3). The setlists tell only half the story, only playing the set and hearing the excellent performances finishes the job. The 25th June show is inspired from start to finish and must count among the best concerts he's ever played. Prince should give serious thought to releasing some of the shows he played as part of the 2002 Celebration event as they give a definitive answer to those who question whether he's still got it.


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