Monday, September 12, 2016

RE-UP: Prince "NPG Music Club - November 2001" - 2CD

NPG Music Club
November 2001
artwork included

CD1: The NPG Ahdio Show #9
Intro: The Rainbow Children Reviews (including snippets from: Rainbow Children & Last December)
Jukebox With A Heartbeat – Prince
The Stick – The Time
Do It All Night – Prince
Bay Girl Rap / Release It Segue
Jungle Jazz – Jacob Armen
Willing And Able – Prince & the NPG
Northside (Rehearsal Jam) – New Power Generation
Real Thing – Tony LeMans
Love On A Blue Train (Live) – Sheila E.
Let’s Go Crazy (Live) – Prince
Kiss (Live) – Prince
Irresistible Bitch (Live) – Prince
She’s Always In My Hair (Live) – Prince
When You Were Mine (Live) – Prince
Insatiable (Live) – Prince
Scandalous (Live) – Prince
Telephone Conversation Outro

CD2: MP3 Tracks
Live 4 Love (Live) (6:54) – Prince & the NPG
Vavoom (4:07) – Prince
Underneath The Cream (4:00) – Prince
The Undertaker (9:47) – O(+>
Premium Bonus Track:
We Gon’ Make It Funky (4:48) – Maceo Parker & Prince

Bonustracks: NPGMC "Contest Song" Choices
Where Are Your Dandelions? (3:38) – Dana D.
How Could I Love You More? (3:39) – Miles Rivers
No War (4:59) – The Muse

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