Monday, September 12, 2016

RE-UP: Prince "Purple Rush volume 3" - 4CD - 1984 rehearsals - soundboard

Catalog # SAB 177-180
Release Year  
4CD Length 77.43 | 72.27 | 75.20 | 78.15
Date/Venue Purple Rain Tour Rehearsals
Source Soundboard
Quality EX

Track Listing
Studio rehearsal, May/June 1984 (discs 1 & 2)
Studio rehearsal, 15/10/84 (disc 3 & disc 4 track 11)
Studio rehearsal, Nov/Dec 1984 (disc 4 tracks 1 - 8)
The Family rehearsal, Summer 1984 (disc 4 tracks 9 & 10)

Disc #1
17 days
When we're dancing close and slow
Erotic City #1
Erotic City #2
Irresistible bitch #1
Irresistible bitch #2
When doves cry
Possessed #1
Possessed #2
All day, all night
Something in the water (does not compute)

              Disc #2
17 days #1
Our destiny #1
Roadhouse garden #1
17 days #2
Our destiny #2
Roadhouse garden #2
All day, all night
Erotic City / All the critics love U in New York
Something in the water (does not compute)
Irresistible bitch
When doves cry

              Disc #3
Erotic City
Let's go crazy / Drum rehearsal take
Concert intro. / Let's go crazy #2
1999 / Yankee doodle dandy
Little red Corvette
Father's song
Computer blue
Darling Nikki
The beautiful ones
When doves cry
I would die 4 U

              Disc #4
Another lonely Christmas [instrumental]
Another lonely Christmas [keyboard bassline]
When the saints go marching in [vox rehearsal]
Another lonely Christmas [keyboard, bass, guitar]
Another lonely Christmas
Let's go crazy [instrumental]
Instrumental jam
Let's go crazy [instrumental]
Baby I'm a star

A great round-up of Purple rain-era rehearsals. Quite a number of the songs featured were played rarely, if at all, during the concerts of 1984-85 which makes this set very interesting to anyone who has graduated beyond being a casual fan. The first rehearsal here is for the birthday show of 1984, the second pre-dates the start of the Purple rain tour by just under a month and is by and large a performance of the regular setlist, while the third is most likely in preparation for the 'homecoming' St. Paul concerts just after Christmas 1984. This is definitely recommended.

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