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NEW: Prince "Xenophobia volume 1" - 4CD - live Paisley Park June 21-24 2002

 Xenophobia Vol 1 4CDR
Catalog # PM144-147
Release Year 2002
4CDR Length
Date/Venue Paisley Park 21 - 24 June 2002
Source Audience
Quality EX-
G2P Rating 4.5/5.0

Track Listing
Sheila E. set, Paisley Park 22/6/02 (disc 1)
Paisley Park 22/6/02 (disc 2 tracks 1 - 11)
Maceo Parker, Paisley Park 21/6/02 (disc 2 tracks 12 - 14)
Paisley Park 23/6/02 (disc 3)
Paisley Park 24/6/02 - acoustic show (disc 4)

Disc #1
Africa intro.
Shortberry strawcake
The belle of St. Mark
Oliver's House
Noon rendezvous
Sister fate
A love bizarre
Holly rock
Hold me
17 days
Alphabet St.
Alice through the looking glass [not listed on sleeve]
Band introduction
              Disc #2
Power fantastic
Here on Earth
With you
Pearls before the swine [instrumental]
The ghetto
When the lights go down
Gotta broken heart again
You've got a friend [features Sheila E.]
Pop life
Baby knows
              Disc #3
Days of wild
The jam [features Larry Graham]
Sign "O" the times
The work pt. 1
Paisley Park
              Disc #4
Don't play me
Whole lotta love
A case of you
Pink cashmere
One kiss at a time
Alphabet St.
Girls and boys
(Sometimes I feel like a) Motherless child
The truth
Guitar playin' man jam
The other side of the pillow
She loves me 4 me
It ain't over
Wherever U go, whatever U do
Forever in my life
Last December

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